Sales Brag Book Guide

by Jimmy Van

The DIY Guide for Creating an Effective Sales Brag Book

Have a sales interview coming up? Be prepared and don't forget to bring a sales brag book! The Sales Brag book is a key tool to help you land your sales job by helping you showcase your skills, background and experience. This guide is available for instant download, with quick and easy step by step instructions to help you create your own brag book. Gain the competitive edge and learn how to create your own brag book today! Only $8.99!

Only $8.99 - Instant Download!

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Stand Out!

Impress the hiring sales manager and stand out from other candidates by showing an expanded view of your accomplishments, awards, recommendations, and information that supports you as the best candidate.

Instant Download

Within minutes, you will obtain your copy and learn, the benefits of a brag book, what goes into the book, how to use it, what a brag book should look like and a downloadable template to help you get started.

“The guide was easy to follow and understand, to the point with no fluff and helped me create a great looking sales brag book that helped me land a six figure sales job! Thank You!.”

Mike S., Senior Sales Professional

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Lauren C., Medical Sales Representative